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New qualification on the Ofqual Register 

601/8082/1 ProQual Level 2 Award in Understanding the PREVENT and Safeguarding Strategies

Radicalisation, the Government's PREVENT Strategy and safeguarding children & young people is one of the most topical issues in current affairs.

We all have a duty of care, how will your safeguarding training meet the requirements of the PREVENT Strategy to safeguard children & young people and help prevent their potential radicalisation?
We are looking for ProQual centres and potential centres to express their interest in working with us to deliver  radicalisation/PREVENT/safeguarding qualifications in response to the Government's mandated PREVENT Strategy.
High impact learning and assessment resources tackling radicalisation and safeguarding in line with the PREVENT Strategy are being developed by one of our partners within the movie industry.  The assessment content within the movie will meet the learning outcomes of a new qualification in understanding radicalisation, the PREVENT Strategy and safeguarding children & young people.
The movie and radicalisation/PREVENT/safeguarding qualification will premiere in January 2016. This combined project will deliver the aims of PREVENT and safeguarding children & young people and will certificate individuals; it will be offered to centres for a very cost-effective fee.
Use our CHAT facility on this website to contact us to express your interest in this innovative new PREVENT / Safeguarding project.



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