Monday 05th September 2016

Safeguarding Post


People often think of Safeguarding as a general term for ‘making sure children don’t come to harm’.

Times have moved on and it is now (and has been for years) a ‘responsibility’ to safeguard not only children but also adults and vulnerable people particularly the elderly and victims of domestic abuse.

Rather than comment on abuse and/or suffering we have to do something about it.

Education, health and law enforcement services have to act where appropriate and will come across Safeguarding issues on a regular basis and will be held accountable should processes not be followed correctly.

So you ask yourself why don’t all the staff and officers of the above sectors and services have Ofqual regulated qualifications to confidently deal with such situations and evidence they have done training in line with government guidance?

The answer is simple, ‘time’ and ‘budgets’.

The ProQual Level 2 Award in Understanding the Safeguarding and PREVENT Strategies is the perfect qualification to give awareness in Safeguarding and Radicalisation, a certificate to prove you have completed the training and confidence to follow the correct procedures. It is very affordable and has funding readily available.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Mike Hewitt on 01430 423822 or e-mail


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