Qualification Development

ProQual AB would be pleased to discuss any additional qualifications that may be required to meet industry needs.

All of our qualifications are regulated by Ofqual and are published on the Register of Qualifications.


We work with employers and industry to develop fit for purpose qualifications that meet regulatory requirements.  New qualifications incorporate, for example:


  • the skills, training and experience they require for their particular workforce
  • skills development for their existing workforce to create more opportunities for both


The development of new qualifications may incur a fee and may be subject to the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding.

ProQual Application for Qualification Development


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    ***New position - News & Social Media Manager*** ProQual AB Ltd is seeking an experienced person to manage the news and social media aspect of it's business. A good command of English language and information technology is essential in this role. Duties will include: - 1. Updating and interrogating a sophisticated LMS 2. Updating ProQual website 3. Extracting and providing statistical information 4. Maintaining all aspects of ProQuals social media platforms including website, LinkedIn, Enquiries, Blogs etc 5. Responsibility for ProQuals Cyber Security The salary will be £20k+ and determined by experience. The position will be full time and office based. Please apply in writing with a comprehensive CV to enquiries@proqualab.com