The Justice sector is central to our provision, Policing is one our subsectors within this.

We are pleased to announce ProQual has Ofqual approval for the NEW policing qualifications:


  • 601/7192/0 ProQual Level 3 Diploma in Policing
  • 601/7914/4 ProQual Level 3 Diploma in Policing (Police Community Support Officer)
  • 601/7913/2 ProQual Level 3 Certificate in Knowledge of Policing


We will continue to take registrations for the QCF Policing Qualifications, giving your organisation whatever transition time you may require.


These are not our only policing qualifications, please view page 3 of our ProQual Qualifications Brochure March 2018 to see our other Policing Qualifications and full range of Justice Qualifications.


Other qualifications which often stand out to Policing Organisations are our wide range of Assessing and Quality Assurance Qualifications, this includes both EQA and IQA qualifications.


We have recently developed a new qualification, the ProQual Level 3 Certificate in Teaching, Training and Assessment. This qualification puts less burden on learners and gives them a greater opportunity to effectively identify how teaching, training and assessment are all connected.


Please view the good news regarding the ProQual Level 4 Diploma in Restorative Practice – www.proqualab.com/proqual-level-4-diploma-in-restorative-practice/