Cyber Security

The digital economy faces increasing cyber threats which highlights the importance of engaging highly skilled and qualified staff to protect information systems and ensure compliance with changing cyber security regulations.

ProQual has an expanding suite of Cyber Safety and Security qualifications which are suited for different individuals and organisations.


  • 601/3247/0 ProQual Entry Level Award in Understanding the Risks of Cyberbullying When Using Online and Social  Media Platforms
  • 601/3148/2 ProQual Level 1 Award in Understanding the Risks of Cyberbullying When Using Online and Social Media  Platforms
  • 601/3192/5 ProQual Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Risks of Cyberbullying When Using Online and Social  Media Platforms
  • 601/5941/8 ProQual Level 2 Award in Understanding Communication Security (COMSEC)
  • 601/3410/0 ProQual Level 2 Diploma in Understanding the Safe Use of Online & Social Media Platforms


We have recently developed a new qualification which we would like to point out, this is a more advanced and higher qualification, the ProQual Level 4 Certificate in Cyber Security and Intrusion for Business Users.


This qualification builds on the fundamental principles of Cyber Security and is a natural progression for individuals working in an IT role, helping them to qualify as cyber security professionals. This qualification also provides a clear route of progression for individuals seeking to move from IT Support Roles, into better paid and more testing Cyber Security positions.


NEW INFORMATION – ProQual is proud to support the Cyber Stars initiative as a route to achieve the ProQual Level 2 Award in Cyber Security Awareness for Business. The Cyber Stars initiative developed by Intqual Pro, was designed to transform cyber security culture within UK business prior to the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and involves qualifying chosen members of staff from each department to act as a sustainable cyber security representative. For more information, visit


Trailblazer Apprenticeships in Cyber Security will be launched in 2016, we will post updates on our Latest News page. Any enquiries about these please be in contact with us.




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    ***New position - News & Social Media Manager*** ProQual AB Ltd is seeking an experienced person to manage the news and social media aspect of it's business. A good command of English language and information technology is essential in this role. Duties will include: - 1. Updating and interrogating a sophisticated LMS 2. Updating ProQual website 3. Extracting and providing statistical information 4. Maintaining all aspects of ProQuals social media platforms including website, LinkedIn, Enquiries, Blogs etc 5. Responsibility for ProQuals Cyber Security The salary will be £20k+ and determined by experience. The position will be full time and office based. Please apply in writing with a comprehensive CV to