Become a ProQual Centre

Deliver Ofqual regulated Qualifications


All applications submitted will be reviewed by our Operations Manager, who will decide on the initial method of approval. Once this is decided, an invoice will be raised of £400 for centres already affiliated with another Awarding Body, £550 for those who are not. This is a one off Fee to become an Approved ProQual Centre with no minimum registrations required. To become an Approved ProQual Centre please fill in and return the ProQual Centre Approval Application Form. For more information on applying, or to answer any questions you may have please check our ProQual Centre Approval Guidelines.


There is no charge for Approved ProQual Centres to add further ProQual qualifications to their portfolio for delivery, this is subject to approval. Please fill in and return our ProQual Centre Additional Qualification Application Form.


All applications should be forwarded to ProQual AB’s Operations Team or